ret-Ro Style Icon: Bijou Star!

They call her Bijou Star. Known for her daring style and flowing tresses, Ms. Star has the ability to pull off bright colors and combine opposite patterns for a high-end look every time. Ladies meet, my ret-RO Style Icon of the week!   

Bijou "Glam" Star


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af-RO Artist Spotlight: Basheer Jones

He speaks the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. And if you’re lucky you may have heard him spit  live at the B-Side on poetry night. He is the af-RO Artist of the week. Ladies and Gentleman put ya hands together for Mr. Basheer Jones.  

Basheer Jones.


 Basheer Jones, what do you do? 

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ROcake’s Hair pROducts

I was a hair product  junkie for about 2 months, trying to figure out what would make my curl pattern come out and what would do this and what would do that. Then the light switch came on! I was watching some You Tube videos about moisturizing your natural hair and most of all the girls used essential oils in their hair. Not too many products with chemicals in them if any at all. So I went to Whole Foods, *side eye* and bought like $50.00 worth of oils. Don’t judge me! It was my first time and I was excited. (shoulder shrug). So using the essential oils was the greatest thing ever for my hair.

pROducts I swear by:

coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil

shea butter, honey and jojoba oil.

I mix them together, I use them apart. It really just depends on what I want to accomplish :)

I’m still looking for a great leave-in conditioner and clayifying shampoo if anyone can help.

The af-RO Socialite: Thoughts of a Natural Dame

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Well, here I am blogging. After months of being all around this internet world searching for Natural Hair blogs, I found myself creating my own. So ladies thank you very kindly for your inspiration. I live in Cleveland, Ohio
and we’re probably the last city on earth to embrace the Natural Wave. I started posting my Natural Hair Journey on my Facebook page about a year ago and since then I have received an overwhelming amount of emails filled with questions about how to transition from Relaxed to Natural. Well, ladies I’ve created this blog just for you! Feel free to get in my head…literally. Lol.      


The af-RO Socialite