In the Midst of the Storm!!! Literally!

Cleveland Snow Storm

So many Clevelanders experienced the crazy drive home in last nights blizzard. I left my job at 3:30pm and did not arrive home until 7:00pm! It was quite the experience being in bumper to bumper traffic while it’s dark, snowy, slippery, cold, and your miles away from home and it’s nothing and I mean nothing you can do about it except wait. Not to mention I only had a quarter of a gas tank! Silly me… So wait I did.  Last night taught me a lot about patience. So what does this have to do with hair you ask? Cause patience is the one thing we need in this natural journey…and that’s exactly what it is, a journey. So I talked to God, asked Him to keep my safe, sang some songs, tried to text message my family to let them know I was safe but I couldn’t…I had no signal of course. But time went and went and I reflected and I just smiled and marveled at the beauty of the fresh fallen snow of the branches of every tree. It was so amazing I took photos! Check them out below!

So here is my snowy day blizzard photo shoot. Hope you enjoy…it’s so random.


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