af-Ro Talk Backs: When a Man Loves a Natural Woman!

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to several women who have taken the leap from relaxed to natural and have experienced either good or bad reactions from the men in their lives. Me personally, all my guy friends were totally against it. I didn’t have a boyfriend then so they are all I had to talk to. Although there was one guy I was dating that said I looked like a bald-headed african boy # side/eye…

 “So what will you do,” they asked. “I’m gonna wear my hair!”, I would reply. I didn’t understand the big deal; why did they treat me like I had the plague!

Well after three years of being natural, I have to say I still receive some negative feed back from men when it comes to my hair. But….

I feel like my PT when he says. “But when I think about the Goodness of the Lord!!!” I digress.

 But…when I think about the man who loves the natural woman, the man who loves his natural woman…it makes me wanna shout! It is truly an amazing feeling when the man you give your heart too, truly loves you for you mind, body, soul and hair! Your hair, the very way God created it, the very way it grows out of your scalp, it makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, in his eyes at least…and that’s all that matters.

So tell me, how does your man make you feel about your natural hair?

Rocakes xoxo

;) mine makes me feel like art…


One Reply to “af-Ro Talk Backs: When a Man Loves a Natural Woman!”

  1. Hi girl…I get mixed reactions as well from guys. Some love it curly and some prefer it straight. The guy I am dating does prefer my hair straight. I do appreciate the fact he never actually mentioned it. I had to pull it out of him after 3 months of dating and he was hesistant to even say his preference. lol But he has known me practically forever so he is okay with whatever I want to do. My own 5 yr old son likes it straight…sigh. However, the hair that God gave me is what I prefer. I may switch from curly to straight but it’s a wrap on the creamy crack!


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