ROcakes Updated Hair ROutine!

So this year my focus is retaining length and also developing a simple routine for my hair. Check it out!

Saturday-Prior to washing I apply HE Hello Hydration Conditioner. I section my in four big parts, I then clip each part and apply the conditioner. I detangle my hair in each section twist and clip.

I then go ahead and co wash in sections, sometimes with shampoo if needed and then apply more conditioner before I rinse. After all sections are cleaned and rinsed I keep the four sections to apply my leave-in and detangler Kinky Curly Knot Today. (Swears by this stuff). So, after I detangle my hair which is already pretty much detangled from earlier I add a Argan Oil, followed up by Curls Milkshake for moisture. I also like to add some whipped Shea butter to the ends.

I then section my section for small twisting, this stretches my hair and gives it great definition for the next day. I use Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter and a little whipped Shea Butter for the end and proceed to twist.

My hair is light and fluffy and not heavy at all. With great definition.

Day 2: I take my twists apart and use a pick to fluff my roots, never picking through the ends.

Day 2 Night time routine. I part my hair in 4 sections and I braid my hair this makes the hair stretch even more! I use two big braids for the back sections 3 on the sides and 3 in the top.

Each day I repeat these steps until wash day, I may add some extra Curls Milkshake or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Style Milk just and whipped shea butter to the ends.

I’m sticking to this routine to gain some length. I won’t be clipping my ends until December!

Happy  Growing!


When it Rains and Your Natural

I’ve had the pleasure of walking slowly in a downpour, something I’ve never for fear I may ruin my bone straight tresses. If you have never experience this and you are Natural, it’s a must. Especially if you are in Cleveland, Oh where rain just won’t go away. I was coming from Whole Foods the other day and it was raining, not too hard but more that a drizzle and I proceeded to walk to my car at a normal pace not the usual panic run I do not get wet. And people starred with their mouths open like they had seen a miracle. Black girl not running to the car or covering her hair in the rain as if the water would melt her like the witch in The Wiz… It was wash day, what can I say! :)

Have you ever experienced something freeing from being natural?

Rocakes ;)

Morning Tea & Rocakes! How going natural brought me closer to God..

I know, I know, you’ve probably never heard anyone say that God told them to go natural. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. In 2003 I remember it clear as day, I was waking up to get ready to go to work with my long silky hair comfortable in a wrap and scarf and suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit say, no more relaxers, it’s time for you to go natural…huh!? ‘Natural,” I yelled out loud, Oh no, no way, I loved my long, silky hair. I had always felt so beautiful with it, I had always received so many compliments on it; “How do you grow it so long?” they would ask. I was so proud. There was no way I was giving that up!  After a back and forth battle with the Lord accompanied with breakage and damage and a life turning event, I finally decided to BC. And of course I felt like the ugliest person in the world. I defined my beauty by my long hair and without it, I was nothing. Well, that is until, I began studying and learning more about Christ. I then began to feel beautiful realizing the love he had for me, how he made me, why he made me, how he sees me. I began to actually see myself the same way. Nothing sparks more conversations about Christ then my natural hair…I tell people, yeah I can’t take credit, the Lord did this! God Bless!

Love Rocakes,