af-RO Socialite of the Week!

EXCEPTIONAL. The af-RO Socialite is designed to highlight the Natural woman who goes above and beyond; whether it be for their community,  family, church or career. A day goes by so fast in the life of a driven woman. It’s hard to balance so many things and still take time for yourself, especially your Natural Hair. Now you guys know I like to spend “QT” with my hair and I’m still striving to become an exceptional woman. So I know it’s no joke! I digress. I would like to feature these women and assure them that their work does not go unnoticed. If you are this woman whether you’re featured on this site or not, this is my letter to you…

Dear Ms af-RO Socialite :

There are few words I can use to describe you. Courageous. Patient. Determined. Humble. Confident. Unstoppable. Spiritual.

You are a mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, mentor and much more. Let us honor you by saying thank you and what’s your secret! LOL!


Rocakes :)


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