af-RO Social Events

EVERY other month beginning in May, I would like to host a series of  networking events for the naturals in Cleveland, Ohio called, “af-RO Socials”.  I got this idea from some of the other blogs I’ve visited. I love the idea of us coming together and sharing experiences and hair tips. Do you guys remember when you first went natural and you would see another natural? You all could’ve been complete strangers and you would stop in the middle of the grocery store or wherever you were and have a 2 hour conversation about Natural Hair! It was like being in a secret Natural sorority or something. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been that bold to just tell all my business to a stranger. Just open for no reason. But it’s real because we know each others struggle. It’s hard growing your hair out from scratch. I nearly had an identity crisis! But it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself since I got Saved. This one time, I messed around and ended up not leaving the 24- Hour Wal-Mart in Bedford  until 2am talking about natural hair! Great convo though… So I would like those interested to send an email to with the subject title “af-RO Socials”. Be sure to leave me your name and contact info so I can update you guys on exactly when and where the social will be. There will be food and hair products and hair tutorials and more.  I think this would be encouraging to naturals as well as those considering going natural but need  more information. 

So, who’s bringing the ice cream!?

Rocakes :)


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