Rocakes Springtime Trim!

I used to hate getting my relaxed hair trimmed because it always felt like my hair was never growing and the little bit that did grow always got chopped off! So as a natural I entered with the mindset, “Well it’s Natural so I don’t have to trim it right”? Wrong! Trimming is a must, but you shouldn’t need to do it any more than every 12 weeks. This will ensure healthy ends, you will retain length and your twist out and braid outs will be so juicy and full! I lost about 2 inches of hair due to breakage and dry ends! Don’t be like me! Trim it! I used MissKriss New’s Tutorial to teach me how to Trim my hair. Check out her YouTube page. She’s awesome!! I learn a lot from her and Natural Chica ;) So here are the results of my first trim! Continue reading “Rocakes Springtime Trim!”


Wash N Go!

I am so excited for the summer to be here! Because now I can experience the freedom of Wash N Go’s! In recent days we’ve had some pretty great weather in Cleveland and I tried them! Check out these pics and see for yourself!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everybody! I know it’s been a week since I’ve updated but I had a stomach virus/ food poisoning! Talk about a crazy week But I’m back and I just wanted to reach out to you guys and say Happy Easter! If you all liked the 40’s Hairstyle I rocked, let me know and I’ll do a tutorial on it! Until then, I love  you all! 

Happy Easter :)