Rocakes af-RO Journey

My af-RO journey began in October 2007. I had attempted to go natural 3 times before. I never succeeded. I had long healthy relaxed hair and I was just sick and tired of scalp sores and 3rd degree burns. But cut my hair! Eh-eh, not happening. So after 6 months or so of transitioning and flat ironing my roots I would time after time re-relax my tresses. I knew that I would one day go natural; I just didn’t know when. And I had no idea the real journey I’d be going on was the mental and emotional one….

So in the summer of 2007, I cut my hair into a bob. Rihanna had just came out with Good Girl Gone Bad and I was one of the girls who jumped on the bandwagon (don’t judge me, you wanted the black bob too) , so anyway. Immediate mistake because I missed my hair and wanted it right back. Well it started growing back thin and weak. I hated it. So I decided, now it’s time for me to take that natural leap. But this time I went with sew-ins instead of flat ironing my roots because of the previous times before  had always failed. 5 months of this went great, until one day after taking out a sew-in, my relaxed hair dreaded under the faucet water. I had no choice but to cut it all off. And on March 7, 2008…I was officially an afro lady! I felt every emotion at once. I was happy, free, scared, insecure, nervous, unsure and excited to see my natural texture. I went to the barbershop and had Ruben from All-Stars cut the rest of the relaxed hair off, went straight to Longwood Beauty Supply and bought $140.00 dollars worth of Weave! Called Headlines at 8:00 that night and said, “who can do a Quick WEAVE!!! I’ll pay whatever!!” Ish from Headlines was the bomb. She took me in and did my Quick Weaves for the next 5 months just until my hair was long enough to braid.  The rest of my journey was a mixture of sew-ins and wigs keeping my hair hidden and protected as I learned to love the beauty of my sandy brown kinky and coily hair. March 2010 marked my 2 year anniversary. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Rocakes :)


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