When it Rains and Your Natural

I’ve had the pleasure of walking slowly in a downpour, something I’ve never for fear I may ruin my bone straight tresses. If you have never experience this and you are Natural, it’s a must. Especially if you are in Cleveland, Oh where rain just won’t go away. I was coming from Whole Foods the other day and it was raining, not too hard but more that a drizzle and I proceeded to walk to my car at a normal pace not the usual panic run I do not get wet. And people starred with their mouths open like they had seen a miracle. Black girl not running to the car or covering her hair in the rain as if the water would melt her like the witch in The Wiz… It was wash day, what can I say! :)

Have you ever experienced something freeing from being natural?

Rocakes ;)


In the Midst of the Storm!!! Literally!

Cleveland Snow Storm

So many Clevelanders experienced the crazy drive home in last nights blizzard. I left my job at 3:30pm and did not arrive home until 7:00pm! It was quite the experience being in bumper to bumper traffic while it’s dark, snowy, slippery, cold, and your miles away from home and it’s nothing and I mean nothing you can do about it except wait. Not to mention I only had a quarter of a gas tank! Silly me… So wait I did.  Last night taught me a lot about patience. So what does this have to do with hair you ask? Cause patience is the one thing we need in this natural journey…and that’s exactly what it is, a journey. So I talked to God, asked Him to keep my safe, sang some songs, tried to text message my family to let them know I was safe but I couldn’t…I had no signal of course. But time went and went and I reflected and I just smiled and marveled at the beauty of the fresh fallen snow of the branches of every tree. It was so amazing I took photos! Check them out below!

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Design Essentials SuperFantastic Curlycreams!!

Okay Curlycakes! So I’m here to dish on how much I love Design Essentials Curl Creams! They have an entire line dedicated to natural hair. The shampoo and conditioner just didn’t do it for me….but their creams are a total winner! The daily moisturizer was okay, sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t. But any who, I love those darn curl creams. They have two types, The Curl stretching Cream and the Curl Define Gel. And let me tell you…The NAmes Don’t Lie! The products performed their duties, well worth the price!  The products kept my hair soft, moist, non-greasy, manageable and I didn’t have to reapply every night. My hair type is 4a/4b very dense and loves moisture. It can’t get enough of the stuff! So I have to tell you ladies…I swear by this stuff. The next test will be to see how it holds up in the winter, I started  using the product in the fall and it worked wonders! Keep reading to see how I use my Design Essentials Curly Creams!

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Rocakes Hair Growth Update! Check out the Pics!

Hey Curlycakes! Here’s is some updates on my hair growth. Check out the photos! I’m so excited about how far I’ve come. Praise God! Next I’m going to do a review on the Design Essentials Natural Hair Curl Creams..they helped me create these dreamy curls!!

rocakes xoxo :)

White Hair Stylists: Cheaper & Better for Naturals?

For the Natural Curlycake who wears her hair straight….have I got news for you! White Hair Stylists are cheaper and better!!! I recently went on this venture of maybe, possibly, thinking about straightening my hair….(right, that what I said), so on my venture I discovered that black women Assume that white women cannot straighten their natural hair! My mom and I went into a well known upscale hair salon, in Beachwood Place, Ohio to look for some products I could use to protect my hair as I blew it straight. Much to my surprise most of the women sitting in the chairs were black! And they were getting their natural hair shampooed, blow dried and flat ironed straight by white hair stylists!! I thought to myself “Word”…and they looked great!! I really went nuts when I found out they only charged $23 buck for a wash and blow dry!!!! This is insane, if I were to go to a black hair salon I would pay $55 on the low end $75 to $80 on the high end…sheer robbery!!! Cleveland, Ohio..listen to me when I tell you. Check out some other options!

So that’s not the end of my story…. My mom goes over to the counter (as if her eye witness wasn’t good enough) and she asks, “Do you all do natural hair”? The stylists looks at her and says, “What’s Natural hair?” then politely says, “Ma’m you mean curly hair? Yes we do all hair types,” she said with a smile. Women of other races don’t consider our hair “Natural” it’s just really curly to them! And trust me, white women are the queens of turning curly hair straight, because majority of them have curly hair!! We are the ones locking our hair in some type of weird box…. Check it out for yourself! I wouldn’t lie!

*disclaimer-this is only for the flat ironing curlycake-wouldn’t recommend for locs or twistouts..lol*

Rocakes ;)

When Does Transitioning Wear Out it’s Welcome?

We all know them; those ladies who have transitioned for weeks,  months and some even wait years before doing their Big Chop..I think it’s great if you ask me, but when does transitioning become a  damaging process? You’re holding on to the past trying to get to the future, but your stuck at this point of no return, where there is little to no perm left, all the while you could be causing damage to your natural hair? How do you know when enough is enough? I wasn’t a long transitioner, I went about 5 months. I was so ready to see my hair, to feel the most freeing feeling in the world, (next to salvation) I was a black woman with no relaxer. Whew…(wipes forehead).

So I think it’s a mental hurdle all us curlycakes have to get over. Cut it out! Become the woman you were are striving to be…comfortable in your own skin. And trust me..that little bit of length that your afraid of losing, will grow right back.

Rocakes ;)