ROcakes Updated Hair ROutine!

So this year my focus is retaining length and also developing a simple routine for my hair. Check it out!

Saturday-Prior to washing I apply HE Hello Hydration Conditioner. I section my in four big parts, I then clip each part and apply the conditioner. I detangle my hair in each section twist and clip.

I then go ahead and co wash in sections, sometimes with shampoo if needed and then apply more conditioner before I rinse. After all sections are cleaned and rinsed I keep the four sections to apply my leave-in and detangler Kinky Curly Knot Today. (Swears by this stuff). So, after I detangle my hair which is already pretty much detangled from earlier I add a Argan Oil, followed up by Curls Milkshake for moisture. I also like to add some whipped Shea butter to the ends.

I then section my section for small twisting, this stretches my hair and gives it great definition for the next day. I use Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter and a little whipped Shea Butter for the end and proceed to twist.

My hair is light and fluffy and not heavy at all. With great definition.

Day 2: I take my twists apart and use a pick to fluff my roots, never picking through the ends.

Day 2 Night time routine. I part my hair in 4 sections and I braid my hair this makes the hair stretch even more! I use two big braids for the back sections 3 on the sides and 3 in the top.

Each day I repeat these steps until wash day, I may add some extra Curls Milkshake or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Style Milk just and whipped shea butter to the ends.

I’m sticking to this routine to gain some length. I won’t be clipping my ends until December!

Happy  Growing!


Design Essentials SuperFantastic Curlycreams!!

Okay Curlycakes! So I’m here to dish on how much I love Design Essentials Curl Creams! They have an entire line dedicated to natural hair. The shampoo and conditioner just didn’t do it for me….but their creams are a total winner! The daily moisturizer was okay, sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t. But any who, I love those darn curl creams. They have two types, The Curl stretching Cream and the Curl Define Gel. And let me tell you…The NAmes Don’t Lie! The products performed their duties, well worth the price!  The products kept my hair soft, moist, non-greasy, manageable and I didn’t have to reapply every night. My hair type is 4a/4b very dense and loves moisture. It can’t get enough of the stuff! So I have to tell you ladies…I swear by this stuff. The next test will be to see how it holds up in the winter, I started  using the product in the fall and it worked wonders! Keep reading to see how I use my Design Essentials Curly Creams!

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White Hair Stylists: Cheaper & Better for Naturals?

For the Natural Curlycake who wears her hair straight….have I got news for you! White Hair Stylists are cheaper and better!!! I recently went on this venture of maybe, possibly, thinking about straightening my hair….(right, that what I said), so on my venture I discovered that black women Assume that white women cannot straighten their natural hair! My mom and I went into a well known upscale hair salon, in Beachwood Place, Ohio to look for some products I could use to protect my hair as I blew it straight. Much to my surprise most of the women sitting in the chairs were black! And they were getting their natural hair shampooed, blow dried and flat ironed straight by white hair stylists!! I thought to myself “Word”…and they looked great!! I really went nuts when I found out they only charged $23 buck for a wash and blow dry!!!! This is insane, if I were to go to a black hair salon I would pay $55 on the low end $75 to $80 on the high end…sheer robbery!!! Cleveland, Ohio..listen to me when I tell you. Check out some other options!

So that’s not the end of my story…. My mom goes over to the counter (as if her eye witness wasn’t good enough) and she asks, “Do you all do natural hair”? The stylists looks at her and says, “What’s Natural hair?” then politely says, “Ma’m you mean curly hair? Yes we do all hair types,” she said with a smile. Women of other races don’t consider our hair “Natural” it’s just really curly to them! And trust me, white women are the queens of turning curly hair straight, because majority of them have curly hair!! We are the ones locking our hair in some type of weird box…. Check it out for yourself! I wouldn’t lie!

*disclaimer-this is only for the flat ironing curlycake-wouldn’t recommend for locs or*

Rocakes ;)

Rocakes Springtime Trim!

I used to hate getting my relaxed hair trimmed because it always felt like my hair was never growing and the little bit that did grow always got chopped off! So as a natural I entered with the mindset, “Well it’s Natural so I don’t have to trim it right”? Wrong! Trimming is a must, but you shouldn’t need to do it any more than every 12 weeks. This will ensure healthy ends, you will retain length and your twist out and braid outs will be so juicy and full! I lost about 2 inches of hair due to breakage and dry ends! Don’t be like me! Trim it! I used MissKriss New’s Tutorial to teach me how to Trim my hair. Check out her YouTube page. She’s awesome!! I learn a lot from her and Natural Chica ;) So here are the results of my first trim! Continue reading “Rocakes Springtime Trim!”

ROcake’s Hair pROducts

I was a hair product  junkie for about 2 months, trying to figure out what would make my curl pattern come out and what would do this and what would do that. Then the light switch came on! I was watching some You Tube videos about moisturizing your natural hair and most of all the girls used essential oils in their hair. Not too many products with chemicals in them if any at all. So I went to Whole Foods, *side eye* and bought like $50.00 worth of oils. Don’t judge me! It was my first time and I was excited. (shoulder shrug). So using the essential oils was the greatest thing ever for my hair.

pROducts I swear by:

coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil

shea butter, honey and jojoba oil.

I mix them together, I use them apart. It really just depends on what I want to accomplish :)

I’m still looking for a great leave-in conditioner and clayifying shampoo if anyone can help.