Happy Monday!!


Happy Monday Curlycakes! I missed  you all over the weekend. So now it’s December and I’m tracking my hair growth from now until my 3, yes 3 year anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been three years! OMG! I had a great weekend, yesterday was first Sunday as you can see my churchfit in the photo. A Rocakes classic! lol. No peelbox hat though, couldn’t find one to match. I had a wonderful evening reading a book and hanging with my family! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Hit me up and tell me all about it!


Rocakes :) xoxo


What do you see? Who do you see?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Who do you see? If you don’t like what you see change it? True beauty is seeing the Christ in you. Become someone you love and others will love you. Exemplify Christ like thoughts and you will see what he sees in you and feel more beautiful everyday!

The af-RO Socialite: Thoughts of a Natural Dame

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Well, here I am blogging. After months of being all around this internet world searching for Natural Hair blogs, I found myself creating my own. So ladies thank you very kindly for your inspiration. I live in Cleveland, Ohio
and we’re probably the last city on earth to embrace the Natural Wave. I started posting my Natural Hair Journey on my Facebook page about a year ago and since then I have received an overwhelming amount of emails filled with questions about how to transition from Relaxed to Natural. Well, ladies I’ve created this blog just for you! Feel free to get in my head…literally. Lol.      


The af-RO Socialite