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Happy Monday!!


Happy Monday Curlycakes! I missed  you all over the weekend. So now it’s December and I’m tracking my hair growth from now until my 3, yes 3 year anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been three years! OMG! I had a great weekend, yesterday was first Sunday as you can see my churchfit in the photo. A Rocakes classic! lol. No peelbox hat though, couldn’t find one to match. I had a wonderful evening reading a book and hanging with my family! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Hit me up and tell me all about it!


Rocakes :) xoxo

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My Pomp! Here’s the retRo version of the Pomp!

So here is my verjz… :) of the Pomp! The headband totally makes it ret-RO! I love this as a protective style for winter! Tell me what ya think! What’s your protective style this winter?

Ro's Pomp!

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af-Ro Socialite of the Week: LolaMack!



1.) How long have you been natural?

 One year and 7 months (yes I’m a newbie)

2.) What made you decide to go/ be natural?

 I’ve always battled with alopecia on my edges and thinning from over processing. I was planning on just stretching out my relaxer for a few months to let my hair thicken up. When my natural hair started to grow out my relaxed bits just broke off. After some research I decided I’d just cut what was left of the relaxer off and be natural. The crazy thing is the alopecia spot that was bald since I was in junior high is growing in. I never thought it would grow back!

 3.) What’s your hair regime?

 It’s so imperfect. I try to wash every Saturday and during the week just keep it moisturized with a water sprits and/ or Coconut oil. From there I usually two-strand twist it and go! I have to revamp my regime for these hot months. I’d really love to try a wash and go sometime soon. I haven’t done one of those since my big chop.

 4.) How has being natural changed/effected you?

 I feel like I’ve matured since my big chop. I use to feel obligated to relax or straighten my hair because that’s just what women did. “Ignore the burning from the perm because beauty is pain girl!” I’m much more comfortable with myself these days and I’m sure its apart of me embracing my hair.

 5.) Who is your Natural Inspiration?

Is it cliché to name a youtube personality? lol either way I’m gonna say curlychronicles. I don’t have the same hair texture as her but I do aspire to have a fro as big as her’s.


(b)How do you feel you’d be an inspiration breaking the trend in Mainstream Media?

 I feel like I’m breaking all kinds of molds by just being myself, a pierced tattooed chick with an afro and an opinion. I was never encouraged to conform to make other people comfortable, I was told to explore life and express myself.

 6.) What products do you use?

 When I first went natural I bought every product that had the word “curl” in it. Now all I use is a black soap shampoo with a little ACV in it. Giovani Direct leave in, Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 7.) What is the one Hair thing you can’t live without!

 The ouchless headband and a beanie! I know its two things but if I’m in a rush the ouchless headbands actually make you look like you’ve made someone’s effort lol. I have a few beanies from Burton that I just love to pieces! Beanies are your bad hair day corrector I usually just leave in my twists and put the beanie over them to conceal the frizz.

 8.) What’s your signature style?

 Twist outs! I’ve been doing them for a few months straight now. Simple and versatile! You can switch it up with any hair accessory and its always going to be super cute.

 9.) Where can people go to Vote for you to become the first MTV TJ! 

Voting for the top 5 starts on July 7th you can vote for me then over at  and to get to know more about me check out my MTV TJ profile


Thanks LolaMack! We wish you the best!

Be Sure to log on and Vote for Cleveland’s Own LolaMack! She could be MTV’s First Twitter Jockey!

Rocakes :)

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Peel Box Hats! The newest natural craze!

They’re perfect for Naturals, just because when they first hit the fashion scene all the women that wore them were Natural! I love ladylike elegant outfits and there is nothing like topping it off with a Peel Box Hat! You can find them at Forever 21, Aldo accessories and Bakers Shoe stores.

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Vintage Shopping, Vintage Styling!

So, my latest venture has been to find vintage clothing right in the closets of my own family. Why go to the stores when I can call my grandma, great aunts and even my friends mom’s to pass on their threads from the past!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everybody! I know it’s been a week since I’ve updated but I had a stomach virus/ food poisoning! Talk about a crazy week But I’m back and I just wanted to reach out to you guys and say Happy Easter! If you all liked the 40’s Hairstyle I rocked, let me know and I’ll do a tutorial on it! Until then, I love  you all! 

Happy Easter :)

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ret-Ro Style Icon: Bijou Star!

They call her Bijou Star. Known for her daring style and flowing tresses, Ms. Star has the ability to pull off bright colors and combine opposite patterns for a high-end look every time. Ladies meet, my ret-RO Style Icon of the week!   

Bijou "Glam" Star


Hi Bijou Star! Thank you for taking this time out to meet with af-RO Socialite! Read the rest of this entry »


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