af-Ro Artist Spotlight: Kirk Franklin!

So I got a chance to meet and hang out with Kirk Franklin at our Praise 1300 Studios today. And all I can say is this guy is super cool and mad humble! He is constantly cracking jokes and making friends. He’ll be at Joseph Beth Booksellers tonight at 7pm for the signing of his new book entitled, “The Blueprint”. He touches on several topics dealing with your relationship with God, marriage, singleness and much more! Stop by and pick up a copy for yourself and get it signed!!!


xoxo Rocakes


Rocakes Springtime Trim!

I used to hate getting my relaxed hair trimmed because it always felt like my hair was never growing and the little bit that did grow always got chopped off! So as a natural I entered with the mindset, “Well it’s Natural so I don’t have to trim it right”? Wrong! Trimming is a must, but you shouldn’t need to do it any more than every 12 weeks. This will ensure healthy ends, you will retain length and your twist out and braid outs will be so juicy and full! I lost about 2 inches of hair due to breakage and dry ends! Don’t be like me! Trim it! I used MissKriss New’s Tutorial to teach me how to Trim my hair. Check out her YouTube page. She’s awesome!! I learn a lot from her and Natural Chica ;) So here are the results of my first trim! Continue reading “Rocakes Springtime Trim!”

af-RO Socialite Talk Backs: Did your family support your BC?!

The question runs through my head every single time I see an af-Ro Socialite, in the mall, at the gym or in church. I want to say to them, did your friends and family support your BC! Just recently I experienced one of my good friends BC’s. It was very emotional for her, but so empowering. She was focused, determined and boy had she done her research. She had been faced with  discouraging comments from several people. But still, she stood her ground. I honestly don’t think that those people intentionally mean any harm. But it just proves that people are afraid of the unknown. I also think that if you see this is something that one of your loved one’s really desires, why would you discourage them anyway? Going natural isn’t harmful to your life, health or safety and yet some people act like the world is going to end if they don’t have long hair! And trust me, keep a relaxer long enough and you won’t have long hair anyway. ( Sidebar: I’m very passionate, excuse my venting). I urge everyone to at least do the research. I’m saying everyone should go Natural, but at least do some research and throw away the mindset that was embedded into your skull from birth, which is African American hair needs to be straightened!

So I said all of that to say this. Did your friends or family support your BC? Did it affect you in any way? Now that you’ve been natural, have you  inspired any of them to transition? Have they had a change of heart? Talk Back ;) Muah!

Peel Box Hats! The newest natural craze!

They’re perfect for Naturals, just because when they first hit the fashion scene all the women that wore them were Natural! I love ladylike elegant outfits and there is nothing like topping it off with a Peel Box Hat! You can find them at Forever 21, Aldo accessories and Bakers Shoe stores.